The Wood

The Wood
All our joinery products are produced out of high quality softwoods and hardwoods that come from sustainable sources where possible.

soft·wood [sawft-wood, soft-] noun
1. any wood that is relatively soft or easily cut.
2. a tree yielding such a wood.
3. Forestry . a coniferous tree or its wood.

hard·wood [hahrd-wood] noun
1. the hard, compact wood or timber of various trees, as the oak, cherry, maple, or mahogany.
2. a tree yielding such wood.

The quality of wood compliments the hours of craftsmanship that goes into making our joinery products.

Why Timber?
Timber can be easily recycled. Timber has natural thermal and acoustic qualities thus allowing required insulation values important to avoid cold bridging and condensation.

Using sustainable timber sources allows the renewal process of planting new trees thus helping to help with the world’s problems of CO2.

Timber as opposed to plastic can be produced to make all kinds of shapes and naturally blends in to various building fabrics.